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Ania’s unabashed sensuality and appreciation for  the human body makes people linger in front of her sculptures in galleries across the United States, Canada and Europe.
The exuberant forms are often inspired by figures of surfers in Kailua, her 

Asked about her art schooling, Ania shrugs irreverently, “About as useful as my Master's in Economics. Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, Rodin … I try to learn from all of them, not to mention very long days and many nights in my studio.
“Too much beauty around for one medium.
One needs more than a pair of eyes and hands.
Clay, bronze, oil, digital media, I need them all.”

As I roamed from green to even greener pastures of Europe, Africa, Canada and the United States, my art studio was always organized well before I turned to my bedroom or living room. Eventually, my pilgrimage took me to the most beautiful place on Earth, an artist’s paradise, where the splendor of landscape is matched by gorgeous bodies of young gods and goddesses playing on the beach right outside my house.
Now, I just need to absorb this beauty, let my mind digest it, and let my hands render an image in clay or oil. Strangely, my imagination has a distinct preference for sensuous human shapes. 
What can a girl do? I am who I am.
I feel that a beautiful body—male or female—is God’s ultimate artistic statement and I will pray at this altar.
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